Pliko Pramette - to buy or not to buy

Hi girls

Gatecrashing from pregnancy for your opinions PLEASE

I am so confused as to what pram i want, i was set of having a traditional one like the M&Ps Ultima but then wondered if id get fed up of the bulkyness and not get my use from it, so i then decided something like the pramette would be better. However have been doing a but of searching online and some reviews have bad opinions about them. Your opinions would be really appreciated

Thanks in advance for your replies XXX


  • Well, I love mine (I deliberated for ages too, esp. over the bad reviews on the brakes). Main problem I have found is the fact that in the pushchair mode it doesn't face you, which I would prefer, especially whilst LO is still young. On the plus side it is SO light (I am a 5ft weakling, who had a C-section) it is really easy to manage. It also folds up and down very easily, especially as a push chair. I would say that the foot muff is a definate must, as without it the pushchair doesn't seem to have enough cushioning (it comes with an insert which sits underneath the baby). The other problem I think some people face is that the pram isn't huge, although it did (just) last my lo until she was very nearly 6mths, and she is quite big and very long.
    TBH brakes aren't fabulous, but I wouldn't leave it on a slope etc. anyway, so it hasn't been any trouble for me. x
  • Hiya hun iv had 6 prams/pushchairs to date and my lo is 16 months, my fav outta them all was my pliko pramette i had it in vertical, it was light folded really flat and my brakes were absolutely fine, the new pliko switch has all the same features as the pramette i think and the brakes are improved
  • Hi,
    I had ultima with my first and loved it! It was great and very safe for baby. I am 34 weeks pregnant and bought the Pliko Switch on Saturday, less bulky than the Ultima but with a proper carrycot. I toyed with the idea of a pramette but after having the ultima just wanted baby in proper carrycot there is more space and my first loved it and was very comfy. I got the impression the pramete wouldn't be suitable for a baby for a long time as it is smaller.
    Good luck it is a nightmare finding one you like!!!
    Dani 34 weeks
  • I have one & i love it, its great Evie is still i the pram bit ad she still has plenty of room left. I was worried after hearing bad things but i've had no problems with mine xxx
  • I LOVE my Pliko Pramette although my lo wasnt inthe pram bit for long as he is soooooo long and grew faster then anything you could imagine but I love it!
  • I love mine too....

    The new pliko pramette switch allows baby to face you now when they are old enough to sit up etc... which is fab...

    I agree the pram liner of mine is like new she didnt lay in the pram for very long... My brakes are fine too,,,,
  • i have been looking at the mamas & papas p3 as it has a little buggy board attatched, has anyone had/got 1 and are they any good?
    i have a buggy board but keep tripping up on it when we r out and about,lol
  • hi i bought one of these today off a friend of mine who used it twice as she has a pram obsession :lol: i havnt had it long enough to give a proper evaluation of it but when pushing it today ...i love it ..its light ,easy to fold ,comfy and lies flat and jack can stand on the buggy board bit as he is quite light ....although it might be difficult to hold him on when sophia is lying flat in it ...better when she can sit up ...

    its a lovely pram though and i had it for ??100 ...bargain!!...
    hope this helps

  • i love mine too!! i love having the baby facing me in pram mode but in pushchair mode i dont mnd it facing away. gives them more to look at and the view hole bit is really good so u cn see them.
    i bought a stroller coz brooke was starting to look uncomftalbe in the pilko but used that for a month then went back to pilko and love it!! wish they did it in a double!!! x
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