HELP!! Littlelamb Microfibre OR Bambino Mios??!

Hi again ladies, gatecrashing as usual sorry but really need help with this!!

Ok, i've narrowed it down to two types of resusables i'm interested in.

Does anyone use either Littlelamb microfibre or Bambino Mios? As we are gonna use eco-disposables at night (for ease), we'll only need day time supplies, so I'm thinking 20 a day for two babies will be enough (as long as I can wash them in time for the next day).

Any help/advice is appreciated as this is driving me nuts!! haha



  • Stupid bloody site!!! already posted once - anyway, he goes again!!!

    I tried babino mios and If you was my really honest opinion, i wouldn't waste your money on either - i know this is really un pc!!! Not sure if you have any other children but i found that when they are tiny you have to change them alot and i struggled to keep up with one baby let alone 2. I certainly wouldn't us them at night as they don't keep the baby dry at all and they will wake up more because they will be soaking, i was quite staggered by the difference. My plan was after i found it difficult at first, i was going to use them a bit later but by that time, and it wasn't very long, he'd grown out of the first size.

    I would maybe suggest waiting a bit and getting into a routine first before trying maybe to give yourself a break. Sorry to be negative, just trying to be helpful!!! x
  • Bambino mio's are FAB - lo was tiny as Prem but we used them from about 8 weeks and they have been BRILL!!! Look at all my praising posts on reusables forum! I have never heard of the others you mention so can't comment on it!
  • I tried a whole bunch of different size 1 reusables and settled on little lambs for size 2's. Got to say I didn't like t e plasticy feel of the bamino mios - didn't want that on lo's skin.

    I have mostly got little lamb bamboos - if you are planning on haviing to wash them every night though definately stay away from the bamboo - they take ages even in the dryer to dry. Microfibre on the other hand are practically dry when you get them out of the washer.

    I didn't start using reusables till cole was about 4 weeks old and I'm a very lax user - he has them at home only in the daytime, if we go out he's in huggies, same at night. I'd definately recommend not even trying them until you have had chance to settle down with your are definately brave trying them with twins..especially if you are going to have to wash them every day!!

    I actually bought some bambinex microflufle nappies from the baby show as i was short on size 2's and I think I prefer them fitwise to little lambs now.

    Personally I haven't had any problems with the nappies - well apart from every day this week a nappy has leaked at nursery but i don't know whats going on with that! I do think the best thing to do is to try a few different types of nappies (i bought them on ebay) and see for yourself what works. Also, have you contacted your local council to see if they do a grant towards reusables?

  • Same as CC (who recommended them to me) - love my Bambino Mios but can't comment on the others as have only ever used the BMs.

    Here's what I like about them:
    - the inners dry overnight in the airing cupboard
    - the outers only need a wash every few changes and then dry on the radiator in 20 mins or so
    - they seem to cope with explosive poo better than disposables (haven't yet had a leak up the back, which we often did with disposables)
    - they contain wee well overnight (as well as during the day)

    I'd say that 20 might be cutting it a little fine for 2 babies, unless you were very strict about washing every day. I have 24 inners and 3 outers and this is just right for one baby and doing a wash every other day.

    Being totally honest, I do think that disposables have the edge as far as ease goes. I'm no eco-warrior but I can't bear the thought of putting so much crap (literally! haha) in landfillI, and it's really not that much effort to get into a routine of putting a wash on. I think it's great that you're giving it a go. I had teething probs but they were very easily solved (basically I didn't wash the inners before use and this had a DRASTIC effect on their absorbancy, oops).
  • I have bambino mios's and personally I wouldn't recommed them. Having said that I think different babies suit different nappies dispoiable and reuseable. x
  • I don't use either but what I would say is don't buy a btp set as there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of nappy.... we have a variety of 2 parts, all in ones and pockets. And a mix of poppers, velcro and nappy nippers.

    Try the Babykind site as they have nappy advisors who can come out and help you decide whats right for you

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