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Hi i'm the proud owner of a 19 day old boy and he's gorgeous!! just one problem he keeps weeing up his back we have tried Huggies nappies and they were awful, they leaked all of the time we are now using Pampers new baby which are better than the Huggies but we are still getting leakage several times a day up his back, we are getting through so many clothes!!! we make sure that his willy is down, that the nappy is tight enough and high enough but it doesn't seem to make any difference. when he was first born we were getting poo leakage this seems to have stopped. Is anyone else having the same problem? any advice would be great!!! Has anyone found a nappy that is better for boys? :\?


  • Cloth. Simples!
  • Congratulations on the birth of your little boy.

    We use Huggies now although we used Pampers when our little man was born and had to change brand as Pampers have changed the design of their nappy. Lots of mums and their babies are having problems with them so I personally would not recommend.

    Do you have facebook? If so check out this group!/group.php?gid=112466695451972

    If not, you only need to go onto the Pampers website and check out the comments at the bottom of the page.

    As for recommendations, I would say Huggies because we have had no problems with them. Sorry not much help.

  • My little boy is 4 weeks 4 days and we have been using Tesco own nappies for newborn (yellow packet) and haven't had a problem with them
  • I use bum genuis and when he was first born bought the tesco's one but now love Sainsburys own. I had the same problem as you until a friend said when you do up the nappy make sure his willy is pointing down, which it wasnit. I did that and it worked don't need to do it anymore, he is 11 months now.
  • We started out with Pampers, but then switched to Huggies for the same reason as aerobubbles, and actually find Huggies far better!
  • We use pampers newborn or the green ones (something about dry?!) - we've never had any leaks - make sure his tinky winky is pointing downwards when you put the nappy one image

  • I used Asda own brand for my ds when he was newborn. I thought they were fantastic and never had any leaks (I got them with Huggies and Pampers). However now my ds is 24 weeks I now use Huggies and like them a lot.
  • we used the old style pampers new baby but i know they are different now, we found hubbies better once he got a bit of chub on, we use cloth nappies now, might be worth a try, its a bit of a pricey outlay but saves in the long run, my fave are bumgenius x
  • We used Pampers and Huggies but actually found that Asda Little Angels were the best!!
  • We started with pampers but had tons of leaks, now using tesco own and had no problems.x
  • We had the very same problem and tried loads of different nappies. The only ones to work for us were Pampers New Born but as Gabe is now 10 months old it sounds like they may have changed?

    Hated Huggies with a passion and couldn't get on with any of the cheaper nappies.....typical!

    We were changing G 3-4 times a day but it does stop.

    Hope you find one that works.

  • Thank you for all your comments ladies i have been making sure that he is pointing down at nappy change. i'm starting to wonder whether the leakage is due to him pointing down slightly to the side lol!!! i'm going to try straight down now!! we've got loads of pampers to use and then i may look at other brands.
    thanks aerobubbles for the FB link.
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