Really silly question

Oscar's 22 weeks and doesn't laugh. He finds things funny and has a bizarre little coo that he does instead of an actual laugh. He's almost chuckled if you find the right spot under his arm to blow a raspberry on. Is this something I should worry about or mention to my hv when I see her on Wednesday?

Like I said, silly question, but I really thought he'd be giggling away by now!


  • I'm not sure really Evie's 20 weeks ad will laugh sometimes and others sort of do a silent laugh i'm not sure really hummmmm you've got me thinking now xxxx
  • It's silly, but I was reading an article about senses of humour and it mentioned about 4 month old babies cracking up at peekaboo, and realised Oscar doesn't crack up at anything. Maybe I'll mention it just to put my mind at ease, but I'm glad I'm not the only one, if you know what I mean x
  • I remeember worries about this with Amy she only use to a tiny chuckle at little things then she started doing it all the time and now you just have to look at her a she giggles away

    dont worry he'll do it soon!! i remember waiting for what seemed like ages and telling people she was laughing although she never did it in front of them - thinking about it there are probably quite a few that still ahvent heard her and she is 9 months now!

    Im still waiting for her to start crawling/walking we are always worrying about them arent we!!!! xx
  • lolah was exactly the same- she has always been a really smiley, happy baby but never ever chuckled...not until she got to about 4 1/2- 5mths. now at 6mths she is always laughing- but at the most bizarre things, ha ha. she likes laying down on my lap then i turn her upside down and she finds it hilarious????? xxxx
  • There's hope for him yet then! Lol. Like Lolah, he's a very happy, relaxed baby 95% of the time (when he's not tired or teething) which is probably why I think he should be laughing! But I'm glad to hear he's not the only one. Something to cross off my long list of worries lol x
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