Removing BF baby stains!


My 6 week old BF baby has colic and suffers from explosive poo's! (Nice!) Anyway now she is getting bigger this problem is ruining her clothes, the stains do not come out with usual non-bio fairy and Im not sure how to treat them. I was throwing her clothes out but she's now in her new 0-3 months and I cant keep doing that (yesterday was in her third outfit by midday!).

Any advice greatly received, outfits mostly have patterns so not sure bleach is right.


Inka xxx


  • my dd recently had a bad tummy and therefore explosive poohs!! I used oxi clean stain remover and the clothes came out good as new. Just sprayed it on the stain and then washed clothes as normal
  • Soak or wash in biological washing powder (I use Ariel) and then re-wash in your non-bio powder before it's worn. Works for all food stains so should work for poo - lol!

  • I wash out straight away in biotex then soak in biotex over night. Ecover laundry bleach is brill for whites
  • I use a liquid bio like surf small and mighty neat on the stain and then i would rewash with a non bio. If you are starting to get leaky nappies you might actually need the next side up, although the ones you are i may seem to fit fine!
  • Hi Inka! Congrats on your baby!
    Phoebe's poos were always such a bright yellow, and we just tended to soak any stained clothes in hot water and a bit of powder ...(we used Ecover which is quite good) before a wash which usually did the trick.
    Ames x
  • i use cloth nappies and hardly any detergent... put them out in the sun... will take the stains right out image
  • I use Napisan which has done the job for me so far.

  • soda crystals in the drum and in the detergent tray, and if ts reaaaallly bad a rub of vanish bar, but usually the soda crystals do the trick....about 70p for a big bag in supermarkets (also works against limescale, so saves on things like calgon too image) xx
  • i have always found that -

    As soon as possible (pref still wet!) put the shower head on max power through the stain, (temp dont matter)

    soak it in a bucket of hot hot water n a scoop of 'oxy plus' by 'astonish'

    if its still there, (heavy leave in bucket overnight) tesco's pre wash spray on stain remover before washing in bio (i love tesco's own brand green box tabs)

    i have today, pulled all my newborn clothes out of storage ready for new bub n not 1 piece has any kind of stain/discoloration on it n my son was a very explosive poo n sicky baby n never threw a single item away either.

    34wks with #2
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