How much?

How much water or juice does your lo have in a day.

Maddie will not drink water yet but i use the pre diluted juice and water it down further and she is now drinking it out of a bottle, still not out of the cup yet but one step at a time.
She has it as soon as she wakes about 6oz and today she started drinking it throughout the day (normally refuses it), she has had about 16oz is this too much?
Do you let your lo have as much as they want or limit them?

I know juice is not good but in this weather I am glad she is taking something, it has taken us 9 months to get her to drink this, I am gradually watering it down and hope to get her on just water soon and then work on the cup again.

Any advice?


  • er - no - I was thinking about this today as it was so hot. My son is only 5 months so he has only ever had milk. 16 oz doesn't seem that much if its watered down and I should imagine they all need plenty of fluids at this time - is she still getting her milk? I don't know how much they still need to have when they get to 9 months?
  • Kian has been drinking quite a lot while it's been hot. He has had about 9oz plus I have made him ice lollies with his juice for teething and he has 1 of them. That might be a good idea for you because they last for ages and help with teething and keeping baby cool in hot weather. I wouldn't limit what baby has, if she is thirsty then its best to keep her hydrated. xx
  • hiya Lewis has only ever drunk juice, he is still bf - he drinks robinsons diluting juice and he also drinks fruit shoots - is there are problem with them drinking juice like?
  • The only problem is the usual warnings of tooth decay etc, but tbh I am more concerened that she gets enough fluids in this hot weather and I brush her teeth and don't let her keep the bottle in her mouth if not drinking.

    julesy - she is still having quite alot of milk for a 9 month old as she is not keen to give it up so still has 28oz of milk offered and sometimes drinks most of it sometimes less.
    As she had so much juice today she actually didn't have one bottle but I just go with what she wants, probably not the right way to do things but it works ok for us.
  • Your lucky your lo will drink that much!! Im lucky if i can get jayden to drink a couiple o foz a juice a day however i know if he was thirsty he would have it so im not too fussed
  • Rhys is 4 mnths and has about 1 - 2 oz of very weak flavoued waters (the baby 1's) He has it out of a cup though. Then he'll maybe have the same amount of water through the evening from a bottle.
  • We had no joy with a cup yet and as it has taken so long to get any fluids other than milk into her we thought we'd tackle one stage at a time, if I offer a cup she only takes a tiny bit and at the moment I know she needs more.

    The only reason we managed to get her drinking juice was because the hv told us to stop her 7am milk and give water/juice then breakfast with 4oz of milk and 4oz bottle at 8am as she wasn't eating enough through the day, she was not impressed to begin with but now seems to like it.
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