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bottle brush??????


just nipping over from pregnancy forum (posted this in pregnancy forum aswell)

i know this is a bit of an odd question but went to toys r us at weekend and got a load of little bits for lo including a bottle brush when i was unpacking them when i got home i noticed that on the bottle brush packet it says 4+mnths any idea why a bottle brush would have an age on it think i will still be using it but just incase thought id post it here to see if anyone knows why i shouldnt

emma xx


  • God knows!!! Perhaps you shouldn't let your lo play with it until they are four months??!!!

    Or knowing the government its a ploy to keep you bf, saying you shouldn't bottle feed until 4 months at earliest!!! LOL

    Wonderful things bottle brushes - has yours got the bit on other end to get into the teats? nothing else works as good!!
  • Maybe the size of some baby bottle brushes are different, some are designed for bigger baby bottle, some are for smaller size. I got a baby bottle brush online and it can be used for most sizes of baby bottles, for its 3 adjustable brushes as well as enough straw brushes, if you are worried about the one from markets, maybe you can take a look for this one

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