My babys Poo

Sorry for the long post but i'm worried about my baby....

Ive had to take 3 consecutive poo samples from my baby to get sent away for tests...
LO has had the runs for over 2 weeks and its not gettin any better, so took him to the doc yesterday who said we need to do the following tests:

Culture and sensitivity test
Ova and Parasite Exam

I had asked the pharamist last wk who said to make sure LO got plenty of fluids so that they dont get dehydrated and that it should clear up by itself, which it hadn't. My fear is that LO isnt gettin nuterients etc. from food and btls and that it might run LO systems down.
I feel bad that i didnt go straight to doc last wk.
I left the 3 samples in this morning, Now i have to wait till next tuesday or wednesday for the results as it takes 5 days for them to come back.
We would have between 5 - 9 dirty nappies a day, not alot in them but they are quiet mucassy (SP)

Has anyone experienced this before or any advice?

thanks in advance xx


  • Meant to add that my lo is almost 11 months old

  • The tests requested are pretty standard, they are just looking to see if there are any bugs present and if so what can kill them off. It gives the doctors an idea of which (if any) antibiotics LO will need.

    5 days is also pretty standard for the results to come back but usually bugs show up before then so you may get the results early if LO needs medication.

    All I can suggest is the normal stuff like keeping fluids up and bland food like pasta, rice and bread. Cant say i've had a lot of experience with babies with bad tummys but I have looked after a lot of elderly patients with them!

    From what I can see you can also give dioralyte to infants (cant find a minimum age tho). That will replace electrolytes lost.

    Hope LO is better soon X
  • Thanks serena82
    Yeah i googled the tests and read up on them.
    One site said something about hand-washing and that poor hygiene in creche's can cause bacteria... if something does show up on the tests i going to assume he got it there as nothing like this happened at home and he only going to the creche full time since start of august. i feel a bit mad and a bit annoyed, just will wait to see what the results show.
    Thanks for replying x
  • I may just be a nasty stomach bug going round that is just one of those things.
    My 2 year old had an horrible bug back in april (a month before DD2 was born) which we all got but not to the same extent that she did. She vomited for a few days then the pooing would start for a few then she would go back to vomiting. All in all it lasted just over 2 weeks.
    I saw 2 Drs and phoned NHS direct twice about it. I'm a nurse and can honestly say I had never seen anyone so ill with a sickness bug. I was absolutely convinced she had some terrible disease but it was just a bug. There was no preventing it and aparently it was rife in the local area. Its just that kids were getting it far worse than adults.

    It is (hopefully) just that and not anything sinister from the creche.

    Serena X
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