Why wont she sit in a high chair or eat breakfast!?!

Hi everyone, well my dd is 9 months old and has just started being really really fussy! she will not sit in her high chair at all she arches her back and screams but i dont understand why because it literally was an overnight change! also she wont eat breakfast at all! she wont have a bottle or anything the earliest she will eat is half 11! i have tried to ask my HV for advice but she said my daughter needs to have a breakfast but i dnt know how to encourage her to have one! she wont eat anything porridge like and ive tried toast! any advice wud help millions! thankuxxx


  • My lo was a bit like this when I first started to put her in her high chair at around 6 months old. She's now nearly 1 and still sometimes complains when I put her in it bu she will eat her food.
    Have you tried feeding your lo on your knee just for a few minutes then put her in the chair. That worked for me until I could put her straight into the chair. I don't know what to suggest about the brekkie. If she wont eat you can't force her no matter what your hv is saying!!
    Would she eat a yogurt or some fruit? I suppose you have tried all that! Sorry I can't really help you too much with that one.
  • Does she have anything to play with in the high chair? My lo loves sitting in hers playing until I give her some food.
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