water babies swimming lessons

ladiesjust to let you know if you hear about water babies swimmming lessons it is well worth taking your los. I took daisy for her first lesson yesterday she loved it. i was so proud as she was the only baby that didnt cry!! On their first lesson babies have to learn a command to take a breath and they are dunked under the water for 2 seconds.. Very frightening for the mummies!!!! But how amazing. They also learn a command about falling face into water this is how they will allways enter water sittting on side with you tilting them over the water, so if they were ever to fall in they wouldnt panic. Although daisy enjoys the water it could potentially save her life. all the dads were there with their camcorders it was so fab! cant wait till next lesson xx


  • AH that sounds fab even if quite scary, Alfie is starting the nex course at our local pool in September, i wanted him to go sooner but we've got a load of weddings etc coming up so he would have missed a lot of lessons...he'll be 7 months when we start but fingers crossed will love it like he loves the bath! x
  • i done 3 courses of waterbabies with my lo and we both loved it. wish we could carry it on but it quite expensive and i didn't know what work plans were so didn't want to commit to another 10 weeks.
    everyone should definately give it a try though, its amazing and my lo loves going swimming now.
  • They sound really good!
    I've been taking Max swimming for a couple of months but we just go in the baby pool and splash about and before we get out I dunk his head under a few times. He does seem to be enjoying it, though.
    There is a proper class that happens at the pool but its always so busy and Max gets quite nervous and overwhelmed by all the other babies.

    Water babies does sound good but I think if you can just get your lo used to being in water and underwater, its better than nothing!! :\)
  • exactly...and alot cheaper too!!! lol
    we was only going to do the 1st block to learn the basics but i loved it so carried on.
    we just go to the local pool now though which obviously works out alot cheaper. had some underwater photos done at the loc pool through urchin rock rather than through waterbabies...they were alot cheaper too and took more than the 3 pics waterbabies do. even dressed he into little outfits.
  • i live in tamworth so take them to lichfield the guys name is john and the number is 01283 814 766 or mobile 07872 009 645 if you ring him he will be able to tell you nearst one to you. Babies can go from birth
  • wednesday but you have to sign up for whole course which started yesterday ring john up i bet there is one near to you or im sure you could start next week he said i could start at tamworth missing one week but the pool is colder in tamworth
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