sleep advice, please help? also in toddler.

my 17 month old is been sleeping badly for 2 months now, he was like this as a baby till 8 months when we did crying it out, and he was fantastic till 15 months!
i dont want to do that again as he is older and has more steam but im at my wits end! he is waking 3 times a night, needs patting to sleep and naps ect, plays or screams when you leave him or stay there! we are moving in 3 weeks and im sure this will only make him worse! my OH and i are arguing alot and very stressed and tired i dont no what to do!


  • DD1 went through a bit of a phase where she wouldnt settle at night. When I was sure it wasnt teeth we did controlled crying (a bit contoversial but it worked for us). She still has her moments now where she wakes several times a night and she is 2 1/2 years old. She is always worse if she has had a very active day or has learnt something new-for example she has been potty trainig for 2 weeks and has done really well but her sleeping has gone to pot. But now she is older, she just needs a cuddle and a bit of reassurance because her head is going 10 to the dozen!
  • what was your cc method?
  • yep, carson wakes in night at mo too. im hoping its just the weather
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