Am I being over cautious?

Hello, more weaning advice please!!

Nathan has just gone 6 months. He is already fully weaned but has just been having fruits and veg. I'm starting to introduce other foods now, chicken, Cheese, Weetabix and Toast so far but have been really careful to introduce them slowly. At this rate he'll be leaving home before all foods are introduced.
I was also thinking if you use jars, I imagine you give different jars and so your lo is having a wider variety of foods quite quickly.

Am I being too careful. Should I feel confident to add new foods everday? Or should I carry on waiting a few days between each new food?

What did you introduce and how soon. I was thinking of tryng pasts soon, white fish and yoghurts.

Also, do I still need to boil his drinking water or can he have it stright from the tap now?

Cheers Ladies


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  • Eeek, I have to say I haven't been all that careful at all! Gabe either eats jars or anything edible and baby friendly I can find lying around the house. Made spag bol today with mince, chopped tomatoes (tinned -think thats ok), onions, & a bit of pasta. Will prob add some cheese when I warm it up. Gabe has had yogurts too but he's not keen, prefers those fruity custards...I would definitely try something new but maybe keep it each day at a time. And add jars for variety if you want to. The C&G ones are a nice consistency...
  • You can give water from the tap now (but still boiled water in formula). But Gabe hates it! I think it's too cold for him as he wont drink anything colder than room temp (and likes his milk warm). So I still boil it,put it in his cup and let it cool to room temp as tap water seems to go stale!
  • It says in that "Birth to Five" book they give you when you have a baby. So I think it is government guidelines that they can have tap water after 6 months. x
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