Just wondered if anyone had ways to encourage my LO to roll? Or should I just wait for her to do it in her own time- she's 14 weeks.
Ta x


  • My lo started rolling by himself last week. I'm now encouraging him by singing '10 in a bed' and rolling him over from his tummy to back in one verse, then back again during the next verse. It seems to be helping him get used to the sensation as he doesn't cry when he rolls himself now, and is helping him do it more often.

    I don't know if it's a 'good' method to use, for me it was out of necessity as he was starting to roll by himself anyway.
  • millie started rolling at 16 weeks back to front but she did it on her own after days of trying! some babies want to roll others arent bothered it depends what kinda baby u have millie NEVER since 16 weeks wants to be on her back she will roll onto her front straight away even sleeps on her front others hate being on their fronts! x x
  • We did lots to encourage Gabe and at 5 months he was so close but then gave up and stopped trying, he didn't roll till 6.5 months and hardly ever does it now...He rolls onto his side for sleep but doesnt like being on his front much x
  • millie hates being on her back so much i have to do row row the boat (gradually to the floor) to get her to lie down so i can change her and i only have a few secs b4 she tries to roll over i have to keep rolling her back! or give her something interesting to play with! i tend to dress her sitting up as its much easier hehe x x
  • ellie was a quick roller but i have to say i lay with her every day & helped her & put toys that she liked on one side of her just slightly out of her reach so she'd roll to get them...she probably thought this woman is bugging me i'll do it myself to get her off my back!
    they really do everything in their own time but some encouragement & fun will do no harm xxx
  • Thanks girls- have tried some encouraging rolls together this morning!! She's just laying on her back giving me the gummiest grins!! So sweet! We'll try again later!!!
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