Arching back after feeding

Hi. I'm led to believe arching of the back could be due to reflux. James was on Gaviscon which we started ourselves, and we stopped it a couple of weeks ago. I'm in the process of starting it again, as lo has been more unsettled. It was only ever very very mild reflux. So after feeding recently, James is pushing himself backwards, arching his back, and making himself slide off my leg! I try to sit him up after a bottle to help and reflux, wind etc. But when he arches, if I lie him down he seems more settled (some of the time). Just wondered if anyone elses lo is/was the same? Also do you agree it's reflux, or have I just got a monkey for a baby? Thanks. xx


  • i culd be wrong, but it sounds more like colic/trapped wind than reflux, purely ecause u say he's more settled when laying flat, usualy (i think) reflux babies don't like to be flat and prefer to be more upright as its when they're flat that stomach acid and etc milk etc starts to rise up their u still help him to bring his wind up? when he arches his back it might be worth straightening him out (upright) for a second then sit him back down on ur knee and rub his back, might help to bring up any trapped wind, well, thats if thats what it is... xxx
  • Thanks for your reply. He has been suffering more with trapped wind, in fact that's another thread somewhere! :roll: I would wind him halfway through a bottle, but he screams blue murder. So I wind him at the end. Over the last couple of days, he's doing more random screaming. Some of the time he appears to have wind. Hence me restarting Gaviscon, because we had been at the stage where I could put him down after a bottle, not worrying if he hadn't brought up wind as he would merrily have a little tune from the bottom end when put down! :lol: TBH he's had 3 doses now, and already seems to be farting again (sorry!). xx
  • My son had bad trapped wind til he was 16 wks, and reflux (still has it). He is now 6 months. He arched his back during every feed and is was tormenting for him and for me to watch and be able to do little to help. I would wind him for longer than he would actually feed. I have to say though, once he went on renitadine for his reflux, the arching eased up a bit. I could never lie him on his back so he always slept on his side (propped up at a young age). I definately dont think its a case of you having a monkey of a baby, it is really painful for them, hence the arching.
  • Thanks sim. I do understand reflux/trapped wind is painful. Hence I restarted the medicine again. I have had a really good day with James, compared to the last few. He appears to be passing lower wind a lot better again. xx
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