he hates my cooking!

i started harri on home made meals today and he hated it! he laps up jars but wont take home made! whats up with that? am i going to have to feed jars forever? HELP! He then was crying so much he started to choke so had to wack him on the back a few times and he bought loads up! aaaaggghh! xxx


  • aww bless ya! he's just not used to it, keep trying, maybe mix some puree with his jar to get him used to it. how old is he?
    he's gorgeous btw =D
  • what did you give him? did you do savoury and sweet when jars? i dont think youll need to give jars forever you just maybe need to try mixig different flavours
  • thanks!hes nerly 6 months and has been doing really well with jars! i thought it was going to well to be true.xxx
  • yeah he had sav and sweet with jars i gave him sweet potatoe and pork both of which hes had before, hes not usually fussy! xxx
  • do you think giving him one flavour per meal would help rather than mixing them? xx
  • when i did sweet potao i mixed it with some cinnamon and baby milk, i thought it was yuck but he couldnt get enough, you could try mixing it. Also like mumto2 says you could mix something like baby rice with a fruit puree or something. although he may have had them before i doubt jar food has the same flavour so it will just be adjustment
  • try one flavour if he hates it try mixing no harm done in just trying
  • Rhys is the opposite he won't eat jars. Try mixing some homemade with the jars as it may be the texture he doesn't like, don't know bout urs but my own purees are nowhere near as smooth as jars. May get him used to it and just add less jar each time.
  • yes mine didnt look as smooth as jars. ill persevere and see what happens xxx
  • you can get them runnier and smoother just by adding a bit of cooled boiled water
  • yeah i think ill try that too as it was a little thick. xxx
  • yeah i think ill try that too as it was a little thick. xxx
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