Breatfeeding and medicine???

You're not supposed to take it hun! Sorry!! The decongensants in it pass into your bmilk and they don't know it they are safe for lo or not so best not to risk it. You can have plain old paracetamol but that is about it. You could always try soluble paracetamol in hot honey and lemon juice and pretend it was lemsip!!


  • Sorry to say I would stay clear of taking it just in case.xx I know its a real pain I have been breastfeeding for 16 months and have really missed cold and flu remedies and nurofen xx. :lol:
  • I was told I could take paracetamol and ibroprofen. And that if needed you could alternate them so you are taking something every 2 hours. Maybe give nhs direct a ring to check first. I know asprin is a definate no though.
  • Hi i work on a pharmacy and we reguarly have people coming in, the best advice we can give is if you take paracetamol and ibuprofen or if little one doesnt mind if you express and feed the next two feeds from a bottle it should then be clear to breast feed again if you really needed to take a decongestant
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