What is the nicest thing...

...anyone has done for you this week?

Mine is when LO clapped her hands for me yesterday.


  • Mine was when my gorgeous hubby to be took me out for a really nice meal on Friday, proposed to me in the middle of a really posh restaurant and bought me some champagne image
  • 2 men helped me unload all my book boxes from the car yesterday - they weigh a TON so I was VERY PLEASED! image
  • hubbie just went to the shop and bought me a box of fondant fancies x
  • hubbie just went to the shop and bought me a box of fondant fancies x
  • Oooh I think Mrs G might have won this one! But SB did make me chuckle! hehe

    I'm still trying to think what nice thing someone has done for me this week? oh well maybe mine's still to come? looking forward to this evening then! hehe
  • My sister babysat so I could go and play bingo...omg I am old! lol x
  • Millwall football club god I am gonna get hounded now!

    But last thursday my husband wrote a letter to them explaining our son was having an operation next month and asked if we paid for a shirt could we get the players to sign it or something along them lines we made it clear we didnt want anything for free just something for george to look at when he is older.

    Anyhow last monday they rang him and invited us down before the game on Friday. They had wrote an absolutely beautiful letter to george wishing him well, he was so ,lovely it brought both of us to tears and was signed by all the players, we also had our picture taken with their captain on the pitch and met a couple of players.

    I just thought it was amazing how their response was meaningful and meant a lot to us!

    Also my mum for helping us decorate the front room all week! xx
  • sod subtlety! BUMP!
  • Don't know if this counts, but Peter slept through for the first (and so far only) time in his life on Thursday, so I got nine hours of sleep!

    And a friend of mine translated five pages of German for me which was a huge help.
  • Awww - some lovely lovely things!
  • Errr....OH was VERY nice to me on friday, he had the kids while i went out, and was even nicer when i got home! xxx
  • oh Mrs GA - lovely

    Glad to see lots of lovely things happening for loads of us!
  • the nice man that rescued my shopping from the railway track on friday
  • My Mum has been really nice to me this week (not in the way SB means!!!!) as she volunteered to come up and look at nurseries with me.

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