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Anyone have one of these morrck baby hoodies.....?

I saw them at the baby show and almost bought one and now Im contemplating ordering one online but just wondered how much use you get out of them?

My LO is almost 8 weeks old so would probably get the 5-18 month one to get the most wear out of it but am not sure...anyone else got one??


  • Sorry can't help with the hoodie but thanks for posting this.

    I fell in love with the wrapture at the baby show for my toddler but they didn't have the style I wanted there. I somehow managed to loose their card and couldn't remember their name. Now I can get one.

    Thank you
  • I have one and we love it. We used it more on dds pushchair, she was so snug and warm. It's great for when your shopping as it's quick to cover lo up or take off. We've washed ours loads of times and it's still nice and soft.
  • I have one and I love it! I mainly use it on the car seat. It's fab if Fred has fallen asleep and we need to transport him somewhere without the trauma of waking him to put a coat on. He's weed on it a few times but it washes brilliantly! Very reasonable but worth it's weight! xx
  • Wow!! What a fab idea! I hate having to wake Ollie up to try and stick a hat on him or something when you go from the car to outside...I may well end up buying one myself! xxx
  • They look ace! I want one! They are a bit cheaper on Just need to justify cost to OH.....xx
  • I have 2 of these,
    I bought mine off ebay over 2 years ago and used them for my first daughter. I'm now usinfgthem with my 2nd and they still look like new. They wash lovely.
    I use one in the car seat and one in the pushchair.
    A fantastic buy!!
  • I'm actually debating trying to make one now.....but the photos online show them folded, or around a baby so I can't work out how they fasten/work image Maybe I'll be naughty and order one, copy it and send it back lol!! xx
  • Sezbo there's not much to them, mine doesn't fasten it's just really wide to wrap around, the bits that fasten around pram or car seat bits are Velcro, just slits in the material. I'm not sure wear mine is (in the middle of packing) but I could try and find it and email you a picture if you want x
  • Hi Hayls,
    If you come across and get chance to take a photo that would be great - dont put yourself to any trouble though! You must have enough to do, lol!! xx
  • Thanks for the replies girls, think I'll go on ebay and look there too.
    I should be on commission for all the possible new customers they'll get now lol!x
  • Another quick question- sunshine baby & hayls what size did you get and how long did it last?
    I was thinking of getting the 5-18 month one as my LO is 2 months old but will this be too big at first?
  • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Have found it, we have a size 2, we used it from dd being 1yr to 2. My dd is dinky, but they do come up big I think. Let me know if you want the measurements. X

    sezbo if you click my email link and sendme your email I'llsend you some pictures if you still want them x
  • Hi,
    Sorry I've only just seen your question but I can see you have bought one now anyway!!
    Think mine must be a size 1 as I used it from birth to around 7-8 months?? xx
  • Hiya,

    yeah I got one last week in the end-I wanted one anyway but the feedback on here about them swung it for me! I got the size 2 in the end and although the hood bit is far too big it does say from 5-18 months so am hoping it'll last her a couple of years.
    In fact heres a pic of my LO in it, she loves it and goes straight to sleep when I put her in.
    I got given a code for free p&p as well which is SSMITH425 if anyone wants it.

  • Wow, she looks gorgeous and so snug!!! I'm pleased your happy with it. She looks lovely. X
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