Changing bag recommendations please

Hi Lovelies. Please forgive me for gatecrashing from DIO, but I am on the hunt for a changing bag, I had planned to get the Babies R Us large messenger bag, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere and it's sold out on the website (has been for a few weeks now) so I am back to square one and don't know where to begin. I don't really want to spend more than ??40 on it either.
So who has bought a changing bag and can recommend it to me?!
Thank you all x x


  • Hi hun
    Ive got a "yummy mummy" bag.. but like you didnt want to spend too much on it.. and new they are very expensive.. so i brough mine from Ebay..2nd hand and its worked out just fine... Im always getting compliments about it when i go out.

    I have found a great change mat though - its a jo jo bebe one.. it has compartments in it so i litreally just grab it out of my bag and it has my nappys/nappy bags/wipes and sudo all together and handly to get to.

    The mat that comes with the bag is ideal for my night changes and i keep that by my bed.
    Hope this helps x
  • I love my samsonite cherry blossom slouch bag!! It's big, cute, and loads of pockets! Comes with a change mat with a padded cushion unbuilt for babies head! X
  • I Have a 'yummy mummy' one aswell and it's great as you can get LOADS in it! x
  • I have the pink lining blooming gorgeous one too and i love it! It is so pretty image I can fit loads in it and it is so easy to keep clean! I found the change mat that came with it is great but a bit bulky so i just use the one i got with my m&p's bag which is alot neater.

    I got mine for ??45 in the sale image x
  • pink lining all the way!!! they are not only fab looking but so practical, with loads of room and pockets, its so well designed that even the nappy pockets are exactly the right size for a nappy iyswim?

    love love love them!!!xx
  • Thank you all so much for your replies. I have gone with the majority and ordered a Pink Lining bag from their sale. It's not very butch for Hubby to use, but he can just use the free Boots one I got! :lol:
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