has anyone had another baby soon after a section?

just wondered if anyone has baby no2 soon after their first following a section? we had always planned to start TTC no2 soon after but as we had a emergency section we have been told to wait 12-18 months (hospitals protocol),

is it really neccessary to wait that long?

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  • hi, personally iwa ited the year that my doctors and mws recommended, but i do have a friend who didn't, her lo is 9months and she's 6 months pregnant, so far everythings ok, but she has a history of prem labour anywya (her lo was born at 27weeks and she's had two late miscarriages/still briths) so who knows what will happen. my personal opinin is that it is best to wait at least 9 months (but i think this also true for vaginal births)..as they say takes 9 months on, 9 montsh to go back to normal. although its not necessary, plenty of ppl ahve babies soon after a c section and are fine, just for me, no. also it depends on u, physically, hows ur scar, have u had any issues with it, did it heal nice and quickly? and also how was ur recovery? wld u be able to run round after a 1yr-18month old with a newborn too whilst trying to get over the op should u need/choose another c section. there'll be 21month between ds and this one (all being well) and to soem even thats too soon (regardless of birth type), so like i say entirely up to and how u think u'll manage. xx
  • i was told to wait 2 years, mine was emergency aswell.

  • hi, i remember a post similar to this not long after i had my section and it appeared many women were all told different things from a few months to 2 years. i was told a year by my mw. i agree with wowbaby and would go by how you recovered and how well your scar healed. lo is 8 months now and i felt completely fine after a few months and healed fairly well. my scar is hardly visable and i never get any pains or problems. we are not going to ttc until next year after we get married but personally i would have had no problem ttc after a few months if it wasn't for our wedding plans. xx
  • there are quite a few things that need to be taken into account. although the external scar looks well healed an nearly invisible, the internal scar takes far longer to heal, i was told this is between 1-2 yrs. it also depends if you want a VBAC or another section as if you're scar hasn't had enough time to heal you will only have the option of an elective section. i had an emergency section back in dec 07, and then found out i was expecting again in aug 09, the hospital wasn't concerned about my scar so i managed a VBAC on 19th march 2010 2yrs 3mths after my section. hope this offers you some advice xxxx
  • hi

    its to do with the internal healing rather than how you feel, i was told something about scar rupture if it was too soon.

  • yeh i know what u mean about internal healing, by my point is, if the outside hasn't healed particulalrly well, or with difficulty, and still seom problems then it definately won't be ready on the inside, iyswim?
  • G/C but my sister had twins on 24 nov 99 by c-sec and then a little boy vbac on 21 nov 00. The only thing was she was under consultant care because of that but otherwise a normal pregnancy x

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  • thanx ladies

    i really want a vbac next time as it only ended as an emergency as he got stuck and wouldnt come down even with forceps naughty boy!

    my wound did split on day 10 but i was overdoing it really and should have known better! we are not planning on trying now but wanted to when LO was about 7-8 months x
  • i had MJ 22 months after em c/s with Ollie, it was an elective c/s, but I could have chosen to go for a vbac if i wanted. we started trying for MJ when Ollie was 4 months old and the only difference would have been being under consultant led care (which i was anyway but because of other conditions)

  • Hi

    Ive done a lot of research, both before and after i chose to ttc.

    There is a higher chance of scar rupture if you fall pregnant within the first 6 weeks of a section, however after this point the chance of scar rupture is the same whether you wait 2 months or 2years. (I do have references but im not on my computer) However the risks of scar rupture are still relativily small, you are statistically more likely to have gestational diabetes, pre eclampsia.

    There is more and more research being done but now in some european countries vba2c is becoming the norm. a lot of medics still quote the time which was recommended before lower section c-sections were performed.

    However i also think that 9months is a good length of time to wait however i didnt take my own advice.

    My views on close gaps between sections still hasnt changed even tho i did rupture, i realise im one of the tiny minortiy.

  • My lo is 13 months and born by elective c sec as she was breech, I have just found out we are expecting no2. We were told to wait a year but I do think it various from doctor to doctor. I say, try when you feel you are ready
  • thankyou for your views,

    i am soooo broody already image i loved being pregnant x
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