change in patterns

the past few days Evie has only been taking 4oz of her 5oz bottle and only lasting 3 hours. i thought she would be starting to want 6oz by now as she has been gobbling down the 5oz no problems for the past few weeks. she's also started sleeping more, she used to be more alert and awake in the day. she sits on my knee for about half an hour then she starts screaming, so i hold her and she drops off to sleep.

is this normal for babies to change their patterns? she's 9 weeks on sunday

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  • Oh yeah! Oscar changed his pattern about every 3 days at that point! Like Evie he was up and down with his milk and his sleeping. Now he eats and sleeps well, most of the time, so they do grow out of it. Perhaps try distracting her by taking her for a walk if you want her to go a bit longer between feeds. And try stripping her down to a vest to keep her awake longer.

    Just a thought, if she's ready to start sleeping through she'll want to feed more often in the day! O was on 3 hourly feeds when he started and only moved to 4 hourly at about 16 weeks.

    Hth xxx
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