petite star zia vs quinny zapp?

sorry if this has been asked before but i need advice on which one to buy, has anyone got either of these? im swaying more towards the zia as my baby is only 7weeks old and i love that you can use it from birth. iv got a quinny buzz already so i have the car seat which i could attatch to the zapp but im finding more and more reasons to buy a zia, just want to check that i wont be disappointed and wishing i went for a zapp after all. i love that the zia reclines and that it has a shopping basket, both of which i know the zapp hasnt got but can i have some opinions please?

archie 3
and phoebe 7weeks


  • Hi i've got the zia and love it! Lo seems really comfy in it and it reclines almost flat. Its really easy to push too and folds quite small and is light.
    The shopping basket isnt much use though as its really hard to access but you can fit small things in it. Thats the only down side though.
    I can't really comment on the zapp but i know when we were looking at buggies my son didnt seem as comfy in the zapp as he did the zia and i didnt like that it didnt recline.
  • As someone that has had both I can confidently say go for the Zia!! My son was so uncomfortable in the Zapp and couldn't nap in it so I sold it and replaced it with the Zia as I love the style. The Zia also felt marginally lighter in weight, and like you say, it also has a basket which the Zapp doesn't have. HTH xx
  • Zia zia zia zia!!! We love it. My friend has the quinny and I had loved it. I took it for a test drive and I hated it. The zia is easily pushed and very light compared with the quinny.
  • I've had the zapp. It now stays at Gran's as one for her house. My LO was a nightmare with it and worked out how to push the hood off so it was a real pain (he was just 7 months). Gave up at 12 months and bought a city mini. I did consider a zia and many friends have them (and quite like them) but I found the city mini was a better option, far more sturdy and much nicer to put around for a regular use lightweight pushcaire (I too have got a buzz so was after a small light-weight alternative). We re-looked at the zia's again last month when we had to replace our other lightweight pushchair for the second car and still didn't like it enough - ended up going for the mama's and papa's Luna for our second. Still think we made the right choice.
  • We LOVE our zia (bargain from nurseryvalue website too check them out!) bought it originally just for a holiday and ended up using it for the 18 months since that holiday cos we liked it soooooooo much!
  • thanks for the advice, just thought id let you all know iv ordered a zia!!yay!im having the purple berry one and cant wait to show phoebe her new wheels!!x
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