Lowering mattress

Me & OH are having a bit of a disagreement over something silly.

Charlotte is trying to stand but not very often. She now sits up a lot in her cot and has tried to stand once (well I've seen her only do it once when in her cot). Mattress is on the middle setting so if she leans over she will go over the top and fall out. I'm worried that if I'm in the shower she might fall out so have asked oh to lower it. For some strange reason he says he doesn't need to do it yet as she's not standing properly. I want to do it before she stands so she doesn't hurt herself!! Don't know what his problem is as he's very good normally with these things. He has been quite grumpy lately but he has been diagnosed with a chronic condition so that's probably why.... Anyway.... when did you lower your mattress. I'm sure most of you will agree with me to do it now before there is an accident.

If he doesn't do it I'll do the bloody thing myself!!! Can't be that hard?! :roll:


  • i lowered brookes when i seen her stand up in her cot! took hubby a few days but he done it, i wanted to drop one of the sides on her cot for ages and he wudnt do it didnt think she was ready so i dont it myself the other day. she loves it and it wasnt hard! lowering the matress cant be either! xx
  • We had to move ours down at six months as our son is some sort of super child and was standing up and creeping by then! He is now 8 months and can almost climb out! its madness. I am now terrified that he is going to break his neck lol! as soon as your daughter can stand up she will start trying to climb out, especially if she is big enough (the only reason my son hasn't is cause his legs aren't quite long enough to cock one over the top!).
    I say move it down just to be on the safe side. Don't wait till she actually falls out until you move it!!!
  • Yeah I'm def going to make him do it. Like I said she's not standing much yet but I don't want to wait until she falls out the cot - like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted!!
    She tends to lean forward a lot when trying to stand so she will go over the top.
    What does he want - a trip to A&E!!!!!
    Men !!
  • My lo is not doing that yet but if I were in your situation I would lower it down asap. I know my cot will be a pain as you have to take it all apart to do it. But tell him it only needs doing once!
  • I would definitely move it down! Like you say, you want to move it in plenty of time BEFORE anything happens. Surely there's no problem with moving it too early- only too late??
  • I'd lower it down asap, better to be safe than sorry isn't it? We lowered Kelsies at around 6 months I think. If you think it should be lower then I would do it, they say always follow your maternal instinct.

  • We lowered our los when he was moving around more as we could see it wasn't going to be long before he started pulling himself up to standing.
    Within a week of us lowering it he was standing up so I was so glad we had done it!

    I would def say go for it and lower it, as you say you don't want to wait for an accident to happen xx
  • I agree I would move it down, I've got a mamas and papas cotbed and it was quite easy to move down, did it while hubby was at work. xx
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