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We are going on our first family holiday in a weeks time. Niamh will be 6 months when we go.

My stepmum has just bought down the travel cot she had bought but has never used. It is a red kite one (think she got it in one of the asda baby baby events!) The mattress in it seems very thin and hard and like it is not going to be comfy at all.
Does any one have any experience of this travel cot and if so how does your LO sleep? Is there anything I can do to make it more comfortable?

Catherine x


  • i have a travel cot which LO sleeps in every night at the mo until she moves into her own room. We bought a proper mattress for it for ??20 from kiddicare x
  • i think the travel cot matresses are pretty rubbish, we bought one from mothercare and its not great!
    i put a big cellular blanket under the matress then a sheet ontop of the matress,
    evie sleeps fine in it and doesnt seem to be uncomfortable xx
  • My SIL didn't have a very thick mattress in the travel cot she had and when her DD stayed over at her GPs, MIL folded up a blanket and put it on top of the thin mattress and under the sheet and the LO slept fine - well according to MIL anyway.


    Gosh, how many acronyms?!
  • The mattress in ours is really thin and hard but LO sleeps like a log in there, actually much better than in his cot!!
  • We used that one and put the quilt from his bedding bundle on top of the mattress and then put a fitted sheet over them both. He doesn't sleep well anyway but he didn't seem unhappy!
    Having said that may invest in a proper travel cot mattress anyway
  • I got an extra mattress from mothercare for about ??30 - its not an exact fit, its slightly too wide but I tuck the edges down and at least she's on a comfier surface when she uses it - I then use a couple of layers of soft cot sheets as well and it's much better. Travel cot mattresses are awful generally and seem so hard and uncomfortable!

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