Waters going before contractions? help.

Hey girls.

My waters went at 9am (im 39+5 with my second) and they said i have 24 hours before been induced.. my worse nightmare i really wanted a active water birth image

Anyhow has this happened to anyone else? Did your contractions start before the 24 hours where up?

Im crying and shaking like a leaf! I never expected to be early even if it is only 2 days lol and my contractions started before my waters went with dd so im just in shock really!



  • Aww, I'm really sorry that I can't offer any useful advice but I just wanted to say please try not to panic!!

    Try to keep as active as possible today and see if you can encourage your contractions on, I'm sure in most cases they tend to start sooner rather than later once your waters have broken, especially if it's your second!

    Try to relax and enjoy the excitement that you're going to meet your new baby in no time at all!! I hope your contractions start up nice and soon and you have the water birth you want - good luck!! xxx
  • Hi, my waters went with ds2 before any contractions, but contractions did start within the hour.

    Don't get yourself all het up hun, you'll be fine! Chances are they'll start before you have to be induced.

    Go for a good long walk and then scrub the kitchen floor lol - that might get them going (advice from my own mw at the time lol!)

    Good luck - either way, it won't be long now!
  • Thanks so much girls i really hope it starts for me. I cant really move at the moment as its still gushing out but obviously i have to to get to hospital lol. Once im back home me and hubby are going to walk around the lakes until it starts :lol:

    Gosh im scared :roll:

    Thanks again xx
  • Hey hun! As you know I was way early but my waters went at about 2.30pm and I had no contractions until about 11pm that evening. So don't stress please you have every chance of the contractions starting image
  • g/c saw on the home page my waters went with my 1st at around 9am but the ontractions didnt start till around 5pm that evening only mild and never got bad untill midnight so there is plenty of time try and keep active hun

    and good luck for the birth x x
  • Hi, my waters broke at 8am and my contractions started mildly at about 1pm. I spent most of the time before this bouncing on my gym ball trying to get things going.
    Good luck and I hope you get your planned water birth. xx
  • can u do some ball bouncing/rocking? can't really advise as i was induced anyway with ds, but fingers crossed for u that they start asap, u never know u might get to the moniotors and see u are contracting but just not feeling it yet, that happens to some people, good luck chick,can't wiat to read ur BA xx
  • hi sweetie, how exciting image

    my waters started leaking early, and I was induced 2 days later. Like you, i was really worried about being induced, as I had heard that it makes things more painful. However, I found it to be ok. it was my first baby, and I bounced gently on a birth ball for most of it while OH applied pressure to lower back, and rubbed it. I concentrated on keeping my body as relaxed as possible, and taking long slow breaths, and things were fine, i used a bit of gas and air, but it didnt help me. As long as your baby arrives safely, that is all that matters. good luck with your long walk/ball bouncing etc. cant wait to hear how things go image
  • Oh my word, this was me!!! Waters went, and nothing. Not even a twinge. Unfortunately I don't have any pearls of wisdom as I had to go in and be induced after the 24hrs as although I had started to get a few twinges, they were so irregular and doing nothing. But I just wanted to say that if you do end up being induced try not to worry about it too much. Yes it is slow, but I worked with the theory that at least I was in hospital, where I felt safe, and didn't have to go through the toing and froing that so many of m friends did when they said you're not regular/dilated enough, come back later!

    Good luck, and hopefully things will get going for you, but if not try to think positively and of the thought that at least you know you're going to see your LO soon!! xxxx
  • Hi, my waters went before my contractions started (also early at 39+1 which was a shock, I thought all first babies were late!). Mine went at 8am and I started getting period type pains at lunch time. Try not to worry, I read in a magazine that 9 out of 10 womens contractions start on there own within 24 hours. Try to relax, hope every thing goes well.
    Cg xxx
  • My waters went at 33+5 at about 6.30pm and I had no pain or contractions AT ALL until about 12.30 that night.

    I then had a baby at 6.44am!

    You'll be fine!
  • My waters went at 2pm. I then drove myself to the local birthing unit it have it checked out! This was a good 5 miles each way in rush our. Not a twinge tho! Then drove through a Mc Donalds on the way back then instead of keeping active, snoozed on the sofa for the afternoon. I had to make the most of it as my toddler was staying with her aunty. My thinking was I need rest for labour.

    I then had my first contaction at 1.15 am (thankfully I was quite rested). Baby was born 12 hours later.

    Good luck!

  • My waters went at 7:30 am and I didn't start feeling my contractions until about 5pm.

    Good luck x
  • Mine went at 16:45, no contraction til 21:30, went to delivery room at 2:15 and had my daughter at 4:30.
    So they didnt start for nearly 5 hours but I was holding my baby within 12 hours.
    Best of luck
  • happened to me too. waters went 10.30pm, contractions started midnight, baby born 4.30am xx
  • congratualtions x
  • Thanks girls he arrived at 19.11 last night after a lovely short labour no induction needed image xx
  • Thats great news congratulations

    lisa xxx
  • Huge congratulations MrsNoName - glad it went so well and no induction was needed!

  • I was going to reply to this as my waters did break at 40 weeks exactly and after 24 hours had to be induced as I had no contractions but luckily I read down and saw that every thing went well! Congratulations on your new baby boy! x x
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