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Two girls I would put them at 6 and 8 years old have been outside my front door playing for most of the morning. Neither of them have coats on, both are in night dresses with short sleeves, and nothing on their bare legs. They both have slip on type shoes with n socks. I'd expect they ought to be in school, but anyhow they have been tapping on my window and giving us cheeky grins to get our attention and then started ringing the door bell. I opened the door and asked them if they were okay. Neither of them speak english. The were playing and tipping over my rubbish bin, so I asked them to leave it upright, because it makes a big mess and is smelly... (pinching nose and using large arm gestures) they copied me and ran off, but were back to it a few minutes ago. They were standing at my window a minute ago watching the kids have bowls of strawberries cut up and looking really kind sad, I invited them in for some strawberries but am feeling a little concerned if I have done the right thing. They are gobbling up the fruit and having a good look about, should I be calling someone, ss, the police, should I go knock on doors to find their parents? (oh gosh just noticed the younger one doesn't even have pants on)


The police called me back they found the girls' mum, she was at work. They believe the girls had been left at home while their mum went to work and locked themselves outside and weren't able to get back in again.

Poor family, I can't imagine life is easy for them if she feels she needs to leave her children at home alone, it sounds as though they have gotten ss involved. I hope they are okay and maybe they can help the mum set up child care. I can't imagine how stressed out that poor lady must be.


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  • oh my god how sad i dont babe they must be freezing. ooh poor little mites have you not noticed the family brfore
  • I would defo call the police hun
  • How sad, it might be best to ring the police as their parents might be worried and looking for them xxxx
  • I don't think I have ever seen these two before. I'm kind of worried if something has gone wrong, they don't look unhealthy. I just don't know that it's a good idea to just send them on their way alone. I also hope their parents aren't looking for them and they are in my house... I don't want them to worry they have been kidnapped.

  • How awful for them. Have you ever seen them before? I would ring the police, it cant do any harm. Its better they are being looked after rather then being left to freee.
  • I would definitely call someone, I guess the police, it's possible that someone might have reported them missing? The police would know whether to contact ss or anyone else.
  • Definitely phone the police. If you go on your local police website there is a number for non emergency calls if you dont want to phone 999. Their parents may be looking for them. Imagine it the other way round. If your child wandered off you would report it to police so if you call police they may already know who the parents are. Hope i make sense!
  • yes ring police and they will know what to do. my initial thought was you dont want to get any one into trouble but hope if anything happened to me someone would take my lo in and look after her
  • police chick, definately. you'd never forgive yourself if you just let them out of your house and didn't see them again. it'd always be at the back of your mind.

    Plus you've done such a great thing by inviting them into your home and being concerned for them, but imagine they do go back to their own home and tell their parents/carer that a stranger invited them in for food... you could actually get into trouble. so deffo call police!
  • Thank you ladies, I called the police and they are sending an officer over, so hopefully we'll get them home safe. MKT86 you are right if my children went missing I'd call the police, so hopefully things will be sorted soon. I'll let you know how it goes once the police have come and gone.

    I am quite nervous about getting in trouble myself for inviting them in but I also felt guilty to let them be outside when it's so cold. They are cuddled up under a duvet watching Shrek with my older two. They are really friendly children, I hope their parents are okay.

  • what a lovely thing you have done,you just have to think how you would feel if it was your kids. hopefully they would be taken in by someone like you.

    let us know what happens hun

  • you won't get into trouble because you've called the police honey, they'll understand, you're a mummy yourself, and it's be much much worse to let them play out in the freezing cold with barely any clothes on. you've done the right thing X
  • Dont feel down hedgie you have done the right thing, Im sure theres plenty of people out there who wouldn't have invited them in. Ive just been outside and its really nippy in the wind. They must have been freezing out there.

    I expect they are thankful to be warm under the duvet. The police was definately the right move, I hope everything ends well. Please let us know xxx
  • i think you have done the right thing hun, the fact they are in the night clothes out playing is anough to worry me... if the were dressed i might of just thought parents that dont care weather they are at school or not...
    i think you have done your good deed by taking them in. i would like to think a nice person would take brooke in and call the police if she gets lost.

    let us know the outcome cxxxx
  • Strange how they don't seem to look upset poor little things. Hope they're reunited soon - you did the right thing hon, better in your house than someone with dubious character off the street.xx
  • Well the police have come and after a bit of discussion and taking information they have taken the girls and are going to try to find out where they live. Both girls seemed really upset by the police and were really upset about going. I know it's the right thing to do, and I tried to explain to them I thought they were lovely and they aren't in trouble. I guess I'm sort of worried if they are in trouble, if it happened again, I hope they don't hesitate to find help.

    I asked the officer if he'd give me a ring and tell me they were safely home, so hopefully that comes soon.

  • You definalty did the right thing. What you did was incredibly nice, and kind. Imagine if someone undesriable had got them - not even worth thinking about is it?! I hope they get reunited with their parents soon. Seems very strange though doesn't it?

  • bless them. maybe the police are known people in there house and they have seen a nasty side to them Maybe taken their mu/dad away for something? so they are scared of them i hope u hear from the police soon will be good to know the outcome and they have been returned safely! xx
  • Well done you hedgie! You did a really lovely thing, not sure I'd be so kind. Hope the lo's get somewhere safely soon whether its home or somewhere else.xx
  • I agree Hedgie you did absolutely the right thing in raising the alarm to ensure these children were kept safe both today and in the future.
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