My LO is 9months old and has NEVER cried a tear, is this normal? Could the fact he was early have something to do with it??


  • Heya hun
    I have no idea when tears are meant to start. My dd is 7 months old and she has been crying tears for as long as I can remember tbh. Think maybe she started when she was around the 4 month mark. I have no idea what the norm is though
  • I remember going to my 8 week injections and the MW said 'be prepared for your first tears' and thats when LO first cried tears.....
  • My 5 week old cries tears when he gets really colicky - has done from the start, but only when he's really worked up
  • My son was 14wks when his first tears appeared. It does vary from baby to baby. I had read that babies dont have tears straight away but then my friend's baby had tears from birth as have some others here by their replies.
    Im sure you have nothing to worry about but ask your gp if youre concerned.
  • I'm sure there's nothing to worry about but maybe just speak to your HV next time you see her for peace of mind. We had the same experience as AkaLadyK with first real tears when DS had his first lot of injections. xx
  • 1st jabs did it for us too...sooo sad
  • my son cried tears from birth.
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