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Hey Sweetie, I do hope you're having a better day today...how is Gabe feeling now? Bless him, he is such a sweet little boy I hope he is on the mend. xoxox

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  • Hi hun, thanks for asking after him!

    He is quite happy today, just really snotty now and has now got a cough! Last night I gave him medised (love that stuff) and he slept 14.5 hours, so we are both happier. I never realised how bad babies were when they got ill, it's something I never thought about, I didnt even have a medicine cabinet pre-Gabe but now it is very well stocked, haha!

    How are Evie & Kyra?

    Hopefully these winter bugs will all be gone soon! xx
  • Oh that's brill! Glad to hear you had a better night! Yes, I've used medised with Kyra a few nights ago and it really opened up her airways allowing her to sleep better. Evie is hard as rocks, nothing seems to bother her now-a-days...she's now tucked up asleep. Kyra's sleeping too, but same as Gabe really snotty..she struggles to breath sometimes. Oh well...roll on summertime!!! xoxox
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