newborn breathing question ...

hi ladies and babies ...well i just need some advice if u dont mind image sophia is 11 days old and when she is sleeping at night ive noticed her breathing seems quite rapid and she makes little humming sounds is this normal ??,....i was meant to ask the h/v yesterday but i forgot :roll: im worried that it means there is something wrong all newborns breath faster than us?...

thanks in adavance of any replies xxxxxxxxxx


  • yeah i think so, JJ did anyway, his breathing is pretty normal now so i'm guessing the fast breathing is normal! x
  • it is normal but if your worried you should spk to HV or MW just for peace of mind. It does sound normal to me tho hun. xx
  • Hi, I replied earlier but it hasnt posted.

    When my lo was newbrn I asked my hv as her breathing didnt really follow any pattern. She said that after a few weeks there breathing should establish some sort of pattern.

    In general, babies and childrens breathing rate is faster than adults. I read the other day (probable more for older babies) that if your childs breathing is fast and they seem okay in themselves, it maybe because they are too hot. Thought this is a good tell tell sign.

    How many breathes is your lo doing per 30 secs?

    Dont know if I have actually been much help! xxx
  • thanks everyone....joey thats good advice actually as i never thought she might be too hot and it does seems to be faster at night ..our room is about 24 degress ish and she has a vest babygrow and 2 blankets is this too much perhaps......ill speak to health visitor on monday i think

    thanks again xxxxxxxxxxxx
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