How much food?

Hi ladies

Ive been weaning lo for about 3 weeks now (she is 6 months- just) but am a bit confused about how much food she should be having.

At the moment she is having solids for lunch and tea.

Today for lunch she ate 3 cubes of sweet potato and 2 cubes of courgette purees. For tea she ate 5 teaspoons of baby rice mixed with breast milk plus 1 cube of pear puree.

She was a bit sicky in the afternoon and I'm worried now that I gave her too much for lunch.

How much food do you give your lo's?


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  • whats you've been giving her sounds fine to me, i seem to remember when evie was 6month she was having about 4cubes ( we just use normal ice cube trays though) for each meal but she's never had a big appetite and doesnt ever have big portions. you could always cut it down 2moro by 1 or 2 cubes and see if she stops being sick? X
  • Hi ladies, thanks for your replies. Will have a look at website now xx
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