Being sick after dairy products...?

My LO is 9 months old and fully weaned. She feeds herself mostly and has lumps etc.
Shes always been a sicky baby (was on comfort milk for colic from 9 weeks until about 4 1/2 months) and I was always told this would get better once she was weaned.

However she is STILL being sick after pretty much every meal! It stopped for a little while Ive noticed that it seems to be after Ive given her fromage frais, soft cheese and breakfast with whole milk in. Its always when I give her the softer stuff.

I just wondered if anyones LO has had this and when it clears up? Should I be worried that its still happening esp after she eats dairy?



  • My friend's son was really sick after she gave him his first bottle of plain cows milk just after his first birthday (he'd had cows milk formula from 8 months) and she came to the conclusion that he had a dairy intolerance. She then switched him to goat's milk and he has been loads better and actually putting on weight properly for the first time in his life - he was always off the bottom of the weight charts. It might be worth speaking to your health visitor to get some advice though before you go about excluding things from your LO's diet.
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