swaddle free after 6 months !!

well I never thought he would be able to sleep without being tightly swaddled, but since Friday has been sleeping without one. Just dropped it himself which was strange, he's in a gro bag and has a lovey but is now swaddle free.

Thank god, I was imagining him being swaddled whilst at school !!



  • Yay well done Tyler, he was obviously just ready

  • my little man is 12 weeks an we are trying to get him out of being swaddled, especially as its so warm. some nights we're successful and others we have to swaddle him half way through the night!
    He's such a fidget, he's fighting being swaddled but then when he's not swaddled he hits himself in the face...
  • Well done Tyler, and well done mummy!xx
  • Yay, well done!! image

    We made Adam go cold turkey when he was 12 weeks as I had the exact same fear! Now I'm just worried he *still* wont have got the point of tummy time by the time he goes to school... :\)
  • Well done! Beth wasn't swaddle free until 7 months so you did better than us! x
  • Mrs giddy, we were exactly the same for a long time. He would go to sleep unswaddled but then would not re-settle without being swaddled at night.
    We did try the one armed swaddle for a long time, for the past few weeks i've been swaddling him just by his elbows so he can lift his arms out if he needs to as he sleeps on his front. I dont know if this helped as he would always end up at opposite sides of the cot to his swaddle by the end of the sleep.
    What I have been doing is when he's having his last bottle, tucking his left arm behind my back and making sure his right hand is on his bear, as his arms do tend to wander to play with his zip, rub his eyes, pull my hair.... Basically anything to try and keep himself awake !!!
    He does take longer to go to sleep but he can also self settle himself most of the time as he's not fighting against the swaddle.
    Hope i haven't jinxed it now !!!!
  • yeah - well done tyler - how is his sleeping and eatting going LK - i struggle to fit anything into the day - Toby slept for 40 minutes the whol;e day and grizzled the rest of it - i am knackered x
  • Well that's awesome news! Good boy Ty! Isnt if funny when they decide to do things in THEIR own time while we sit back and worry it will never happen. Boys will be boys hey.. xx
  • Hiya

    ty is pretty good with his naps really, he has about an hour in the morning from 8 until 9 (he gets up at 6), then he goes back down about 11.30-12 for an hour and a half or so, hour on a bad day. He then has a cat nap at around 4-5pm for 30 mins.

    He is better at night, he does take much longer to settle and 9/10 will settle himself eventually. On a good night we have no wake ups, just groans until he sorts himself out. On a bad night (like last night), he cant settle himself so at around 2-3am i go in and re-settle sometimes with a bottle which he will take all of !!

    Feeding is going slightly better, am going back to the start and puree's and lots of different tastes for him, I think i went too quickly onto stage 2. Yesterday i made sweet veg medley for him which he loved, he then had an stage 2 ella's kitchen chicken casserole for tea which he had a bit of. I'm taking it really slowly, as i've found he has to be in the right mood or he will refuse everything. I've bought a few plum stage 2's for him to try as i make loads and he wont eat it, so would rather buy a small amount and try it on him first if that makes sense. He loves ice cream and mashed banana and does ok on some finger food, toast he still cant get the hang of !! I'm hoping when he starts nursery and they try loads of food with him, then his tastes may expand abit. Am not worried too much about it as he's still having 4 bottles a day, getting him weighed this afternoon as i swear he's gone skinny, but hubs thinks its just because he doesn't keep still for 5 mins.

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