Own bedroom!

Just wanted to share that it's Dylan's first night in his own bedroom tonight. DH & i had agreed to keep him in our room til 6mths, but i'm really really gonna miss him being alongside me (such a saddo, i know)!!

Dylan's not slept through the night yet, so hope being in his own room helps a little towards this as we feel we disturb in sometimes coz DH reckons i snore!!!!!

Here's to a night listening to the baby monitor!!

Sarah xx


  • Ooo good luck hunni, I remember putting Kade in his own room for the first time and it was nerve wrecking! I was dreading it and felt really sad but found it was absolutely fine! He never even noticed I don't think?
    We found it much better too.
    Hope it goes ok for you, I'm sure it'll be fine ;\)
  • Well done you and Dylan and good luck! x
  • Thats good. I put Kara in her own room at 8 months and since she went in she slept far batter. Good luck
  • Thanks girls! I think it'll take me more getting used to that Dylan!!
    Sarah xx
  • hope it helps i knoe my older two slept better when they went into there own rooms.
    Not sure what im going to do when charlie is 6 months old as he will be sharing a room with his older brother so really need him to be sleeping through by then as dont feel i can put him in the same room as justin when the poor thing has school every morning x
  • I hope Dylan slept well for you Sarah!

    Gabe won't be able to have his own room until he's 1 and we move out. However even then, I'm afraid I will be begging OH to let him stay with me as I don't think I could sleep without him now, plus OH works nights and we sleep seperately so I would get lonely lol.
  • We put Louise in her own room on news years eve! She is 5 1/2 months and we decided to do it this week while my dh is off work. She had had some really bad nights from christmas day onwards where it got to a point where she would not let me put her back - resulting in her eventually sleeping in our bed....

    On wed night (new years eve) my dh went to her each time she woke, bringing her to me when she needed feeding then putting her back himself. I slept very well but I think this was because I was sooo exhausted from a week of such disturbed sleep. Last night I woke a few times and wondered if she was ok and it was odd that I couldn't just peer into her cot to check on her.

    It is nice to have our room back - we had to cram her cot in so we couldn't get out of one side of the bed!

    She's been so unsettled at night that it couldn't have a negative impact on her sleep, it helps that she's learning to settle with my dh cuddling her rather than me feeding her because it's quicker and easier when I can hear her crying next to me!

    I hope you had a good night!

  • Reiss only slept through the night when he went in his own room. When he was first born I reckoned he was going to be in with me until a year old lol! Well, I lasted until he was 5 months before I kicked him out!xx
  • Im naughty too. Frankie went in her own room at 3 weeks. We kept disturbing her and since we moved her she hardly wakes in the night. Also the cotbed wouldnt fit in our bedroom!
  • we put our little boy in his own room when he was about 4 months old.
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