Anyone live near Croyde?

Hiya Ladies... well OH seems to have been looking for jobs allll over the place, bless him.

I don't really fancy moving from where we are - nice village, great people etc. But he's found a job in Croyde Bay. As its about 100 miles away, we don't know ther area at all! We want somewhere nice but not tooo far away.

Anyone help? We're looking around no more than an hours drive there, tops.

Thanks!! Xxxx


  • I used to live about 10 miles from Croyde up until July (since I was a kid) - what would you like to know? I'm still in Devon - just about 40 miles from Croyde now. Feel free to email me x
  • Just anything really - Which areas are nice to live, if theres anywhere we should generally stay away from, which schools are nice (though that doesn't matter so much as Harry is only 1), erm.. nearest big Asda!. xxx
  • Nearest Asda is in Bideford - it's a new one, and not that big. Otherwise you'd need to go to Taunton for an Asda, but I haven't been so don't know how big it is. Taunton's about 50-ish miles from Croyde, so not that close. Barnstaple is the nearest big town to Croyde - it's about 10 miles away (ish). There's a Tesco, Sainsburys and Lidl in Barnstaple.

    Croyde itself is a beautiful village - nice pubs, very surfy orientated lifestyle. It's all about the beach. However, property in Croyde is VERY expensive. Braunton is near by, but again, because its so close to the sea, houses can be a bit more pricey, but less so than Croyde itself. Braunton is classed as a billage, but is more like a small town - local shops, an award-winning chippy, pubs etc all there.

    Barnstaple is a bit further away, but still an easy commute - would take about 20-25 mins in the winter, but longer in summer because of the tourists. If you're looking for houses in Barnstaple, stay away from Forches, Gorwell and Whiddon Valley (parts of town) - really not nice areas to live in at all.

    I can't really say about primary schools in the Croyde area - I think there are 2 in Braunton - Caen Street Primary school and I can't remember what the other one is called. Probably best to look on the internet to get an idea.

    GIve me a shout if I can be any more help.

  • Thats brilliant. Thankyou so much! Have been to croyde on the odd surfing weekend lol so know about that! Thankyou! xxx
  • No worries - have hopefully activated my email button now, so drop me a line any time if you need to know anything else!

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