When to give first baby rice?

Hi everyone.

It's been a while since I've been on here. Hope everyone and their little ones are well!

I was hoping you lovely ladies might be able to share your experience...

Little Claudia is 14 weeks old now and I'm still breastfeeding her. I can't help feeling that she might be needing a bit of something more substantial now. She weighs about 14 pounds and seems to be feeding such alot and for long periods. Is it ok to try her on just a little bit of baby rice do you think???

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  • Hi Hun, i gave Lexi some baby rice at 14 weeks and she was fine. Its up to you at the end of the day hun but give it a go see what she thinks.

    Let us know how she gets on

  • hi, i know some of the ladies on here have started their lo on baby rice around 3-4 mths. im starting my lo on baby rice tomorrow just to c how she goes, shes satisfied on milk at the moment but hv reckons to start her on baby rice, shes 23 wks and weighs just over 15lb. sorry not much help, but u know your baby best and if u think shes still hungry maybe try her on a small amount to c how she takes to it. xxx
  • i have been giving dd porridge now for just over a week and she is now nearly 16 weeks. she doesnt like her milk at all so baby rice was no good as it tastes of milk.

    my plan was just a tiny bit for breakfast but she had other ideas, she polished of the lot, made more the next day and she ate it all again. she now has a rediculous amount. she wasnt satisfied on just milk after her lunch feed so she has some food for tea. the last 2 nights i have given her something before bed and she has slept 11-12 hours. i give her the food then give her her normal bottle, straight after, she takes just under what she was taking before she started on food. she is a different girl, much happier and contented. she has much more energy to 'play' and she napps better in the day which means that she sleeps better at night too.

    we havent told anyonein the real world, as people are so judgemental and make nasty comments.
    but what i will say is that you know your baby better than anyone else, go with your instincts. if your lo is ready she will eat it. it takes them a little while to work out what to do with it in their mouths but thats only a few spoonfuls. she now smiles massive smiles and laughs when she sees the spoon, she is loving the new takes.

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