Those who have stopped giving gaviscon

Hello i really need some advice from those of you who have given baby gaviscon for reflux then stopped.

My dd has been on gaviscon for 5 months due to severe reflux she is now 8 and abit months and only on 2 bottles a day so i decided to just stop and see how she was as the gaviscon used to make her terribly constipated. We used to soak a prune in some water and give her that and sometimes put abit of bran in her breakfast and her poops used to be still quite solid.

Anyways day two of no gaviscon and still no sick yaaaaaay however she is having the runniest poops like watery horribleness :\( and has the reddest poorliest looking bum so im just wondering is this normal when coming off the gaviscon or do you think it could just be any bran/prune juice still in her system or i suppose possibly more teeth on the way?!??!

Thank you x


  • Hi MrsP. As you know James's silent reflux wasn't bad at all. But he was on Gaviscon, although just one sachet per feed. No change in nappies when we stopped it. xx
  • Thank you for the reply Leigh it's just awful at the mo she is going like 7 times a day all really watery she is fine otherwise but is making no effort to poop so i have no idea when she has done one so am constantly checking!!!

  • There's so many reasons for tummy upsets etc. It could be teeth, but we blame everything on that. Just make sure she's drinking, and hopefully it'll pass soon. It's good that it's not really affecting her, apart from the sore bottom. You need the magic cream discussed in BIJan, but can't remember what it's called! :roll: xx
  • We have the constant pooing and Emilia is teething - so dont know if its the same???

    mithical - what magic cream???
    Hope it gets better soon xx
  • Flynn didn't have this when he stopped his gaviscon x
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