anyone used pixi foto? - how much does it cost?

hello everyone,

pixi foto is going to be at my local boots at the weekend, are they really good? and if you have used them what do the packages cost? and what photos do you get for that?

many thanks if you can help. xxx


  • hi i got some of pippa done a couple of weeks ago, and it cost me ??100 for five photos, and i think there about a5 size (half a piece of a4 paper ish) not quite sure exactly as don't pick them up till saturday, they are lovely but if i could do it again i'd have found a photographer to do thm as i'm sure it would have been cheaper. If you are going to have some done, make sure you set a limit on how much your going to spend as we could have spent a lot more.
  • thanks for the advice - i think a limit will be much needed. we did have our wedding photographer do a photo session, but her prices were really expensive!! xx
  • We used them and the photos were fab but expensive, OH insisted on having LOADS inc. the big ones so it set us back ??400+. I totally agree - set a limit!!! Oh and they automatically come with frames so tell them to take the frames off as you can get cheap frames from Asda's or Hootys.

    They were great there though and very professional. Not pushy at all - we could've just had the free one and don't think they'd have cared.

    I paid ??10 for the photoshoot & that came with a free 10x12 pic (not my choice, was a plain ish one, but turned out to be one of the best). I'd have been happy with that one and another but OH wouldn't hear of it so we went to town!!

    A waste really as we've given most to family to put in their houses, as we won't be able to hang ALL ours up as there are so many.

    Beautiful photos though.
  • We had ours done at Mothercare, got a load of different photos of all different sizes without frames and we paid ??200.
  • Got ours done the other week. We had a voucher to get one free one then we paid ??50 for 1st collection and ??15 for each collection after that. they did 7 different poses and were all lovely we bought 4 poses and got the free one, cost ??95.
  • thanks ladies thats a great help. xx
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