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Before my LO (16 weeks) was born, I was going to get the angelcarebreathing monitor you put under the mattress. However a famly member put me off saying hers used to costantly give false alarms so she scrapped it after a few months , baby still alive at 3 years old! Additoinally, I was chatting to my midwife about them, and she really strongly advised against it. She said they create a false sense of security and there is no proof whatsoever that they reduce to risk of SIDS or prevent it. I thought this was bonkers and I had a little research myself and many websites about SIDS do say this and that they should only be used only doctors supervision.

However, I noticed lots of peple on here seem to use them. And i feel a bit cheated as I settle my baby on his tummy, I know bad mommy! As it is the only way he will sleep without being held, I turn him over after about 20 mins later when he is in a deep sleep. I just think I might feel a bit more comfortable for that time he is on his tummy with a braething monitor as at the moment I check he is still breathing constantly!!

SO what do you all think worth it or not ???
I'm torn between thinking it would put my mind at rest, and thinking that it is a bit over the top for a healthy baby and if it doesn't reduce to incidence of SIDS anyway .... I don't know image


  • hey my Lo is still in his moses basket at nearly 6 months. We have used it as piece of mind regardless of research etc. We have never had a false alarm, we are putting him in his cot next week and another reason for getting this style monitor is that his nursery is downstairs so i just feel happier image If your looking at montiors around this price i would get one image x
  • Originally I didn't want a breathing monitor as I thought it would give lots of false alarms and make me a nervous wreck. However when we moved our DS into his own room, I couldn't settle with just the normal monitor and ended up buying the Angelcare one. It is brilliant and in the 6 months I have been using it, I have had 1 false alarm and that was because he'd got himself wedged in a corner with half his body in the air!

    I didn't buy it to reduce SIDS, I bought it for reassurance and to give me peace of mind and it did that straight away. Worth every penny in my book xx
  • We have the angelcare monitor and up until a month ago found it fantastic! I felt I could relax and know he was Ok with the breathing monitor, and it was so reassuring when he moved into his own room.
    However, now he is 7 1/2 months and is the most wriggly baby going, and over the past couple of weeks he has set the alarm off from rolling and wriggling right up to the top if the cot and squeezing himself right in the corner. It happened again last night (although just the beep before the alarm) at 3.30am and I ended uo turning it off!
  • Before LO came along we were adamant we were not buying one. Friends had said they'd had false alarms and my mum (a midwife) was very against them. But when we put her in her own room at ten weeks I cracked and bought one. They don't prevent or reduce SIDS but what they do do is stop you creeping in every 20 mins if you haven't heard them on the monitor so everyone sleeps better! We get a couple of false alarms a week (she wriggles a lot) but the pros still outweigh the cons as far as I am concerned x
  • We chose not to get one. I can see their advantages and i'm not against them at all but for me I just didn't see it as a necessity. When I check on Cam I also check he's not got a fever or anything over his face or he's not been sick or anything so even if I did have a monitor i'd probably check on him the same number of times anyway and the monitor only picks up breathing. I don't see any harm in them so if you would feel more content with one I say go for it but you can manage perfectly well without one as well image x
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