Baby swings- opinions please!

G/C from pregnancy... I'm starting to get things ready for the baby and not sure whether to buy a swing seat. We have been given a lovely M&P bouncer by a friend and also have a playmat, but I'm wondering if the swing seats are good for entertaining baby while you grab something to eat etc or if it just makes them sick! I'd really appreciate any experiences/ recommendations that you have x


  • I would definatly recommend a swing. Mine was a godsend and dd used up until 9 months olf!! It almost always sent her to sleep and would always settle her if she was a little upset.
  • Thanks lucyj. I'm assuming you can use them from birth if they lie flat?
  • get one, get one!!! we didnt and i completely regretted it, a friend lent us one and its amazing. Couldnt be without it x
  • I couldn't have survived without my swing! I have the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders swing and I love it, and more importantly, so does my little girl! She had awful colic and the swing was the only thing which could calm her for more than a few minutes (hence it saving my life!). Now she loves to sit in it and watch the mobile and it does allow you 20 mins or so to get things done. If they fall asleep, even longer!
  • Couldnt have lived without it!! We had the m&p starlight slumber swing and it was a life saver!! DD had colic and this was great for it, it reclined to lie flat as well and she loved it!! Used it until she was 6 months!!
  • Me too - swing was my godsend (still is!). I had a bouncer and a rocker and DD hated them which meant I was always holding her. I ended up with two swings - even bought one from my mum's house. Most of them don't lie flat as such (although I have a Fisher Price one which does) but you are okay to use from birth x
  • Hi Kitten Mittens,

    I can see the overwhelming opinion is get one but we didnt bother and the bouncer with virate thingy was just as good. He has been in these swings and I cant say it did anything more for him than the bouncer did.

    I would say if money is tight and you already have a bouncer, dont botheras the bouncer is just as good xx
  • Well my first daughter loved her Fisherprice Rainforest take along swing she spent so much time in it was a really good buy for us...BUT second daughter who is 12 weeks hates it with a passion! So I am saying it depends on the baby tbh and if your going to get one and already brought the bouncer etc get one 2nd hand just in case or maybe borrow one from someone you know?

    I am actually selling ours if your interested ??30 can pick up if your anywhere near Lincoln if not can do postage as have the box but will obviously have to pay posatge.
  • Thanks for the offer ILOVEMYGEEK2 but as I know we're having a little girl, I'd like to get a pink one- the first pink thing I'll be buying actually as everything else so far has been neutral! I will definitely look into a nearly-new swing instead of new, in case LO hates it. Great advice x
  • My little man loves his swing as did both my daughters. If I was you though I would look on E-Bay. I was lucky enough to get Kieran one from there for ??20! x
  • we have the fisherprice rainforest take along one and our 8 week old loves it! we got it on offer at babies r us a couple of weeks ago, so it might still be reduced! It is the only place she will sleep during the day at the moment as she now hates her moses basket. the music is really nice and relaxing and she cries if i turn it off!
  • My nephew has the rainforest swing and loved it, spent lots of time in it, seemed to get him off to sleep a treat xx
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