Daft game (o/t)

Lea-Pea's post has reminded me of a stupid game we used to play while drunk, not sure if it will work on here but I thought it might be a laugh to try.

I name three people, the first person to reply has to say which of the three they would have a one night stand with, which they would marry and which they would dump (shag, marry or dump :lol: ) and give their reasons. They then have to pick three more people for the next person. You can either be nice and pick attractive people, or be mean and pick awful people, it's pretty funny either way.

I'll start with

Mister Maker
Mr Tumble

(appologies to anyone who doesn't spend all day watching childrens tv!)


  • MIster Tumble-can you see my chubby theme?

    Chris Moyles
    David Beckham
    Gary Barlow
    Just off the top of me head!
  • I LOVE this game, my sisters and I play it all the time!

    Shag - Sporticus
    Marry - Mister Tumble (think how occupied he would keep the lo's!)
    Dump - Mister Maker - he is REALLY annoying!

    My next three are the famous three docs from ER

    George CLooney (Dr Doug Ross)
    Noah Wyle (Dr Jon Carter)
    Anthony Edwards (Dr Mark Green)

  • Chris Moyles - Dump
    David Beckham - Shag
    Gary Barlow - Marry

    Tony blair - Dump
    eamon holmes - shag (with eyes closed!)
    phillip schofield - Marry but can I have an affair with someone a bit more manly?!

  • Gordan brown - Marry, but purely for his money
    Mr Motivator - Dump, he's about 80 now!!!
    Noel fielding - shag, I suppose!

    Jeremy Clarkson
    Richard Hammond
    James May

    Can you see the theme :lol:
  • Gorden Ramsey - MARRY
    James Morrison - SHAG
    Christopher Dean - DUMP

    OMG did I really just answer that..... :lol:

    My 3 are...

    Christopher Biggins
    Johnny Depp
    Leo Di'Caprio

  • Christopher Biggins - SHAG (why not?!)
    Johnny Depp - MARRY
    Leo Dicaprio - DUMP

    My 3 are
    Brad Pitt
    Gordon Ramsey
    Hugh Jackman
  • Well A) He's gay B) He's about 70 and C) URGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Cannot belive you'd rather shag him than Leo!! Your crazy :lol:

  • Seems like a strange choice to me too :lol:

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