She can say "dirty"!!

Whenever i change Charlotte's nappy she goes for the dirty nappy etc so I've always said "no, that's dirty". Well over the past few days whenever I've said that she's laughed and said "derder" like she's saying dirty. When I repeat "dirty" to her she says "derder" again so she must be copying what I say!!
Everyone's always said she's a real chatterbox and that she'll be talking soon!
She also says "ta" either when you give or take something from her!


  • But we're still trying to get her to walk :roll:

    Oh tempting her with the push along now to see what happens. She will cruise along the sofa and that's it.

    She'll be saying the alphabet before she can walk!
  • How cute! Kelsie now says 'wag' god knows what thats from!
  • My mum said that to me so often that until the age of 4 I actually thought that 'dirty' was the word for poo! Haha. Thats so cute though.
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