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My Little one is 14 weeks old and i am having problems getting her to feed more in the day rather than the night.
She currently has 4ozs every 4 hours and no matter how hard i try she will not have more than that.
She goes to bed between 7-7.30 but still wakes 2 or 3 times during the night.
She has a lot more at these feeds and then in the day is not interested, my guess is she is too full because she have had lots during the night.

I would love to switch her around so she feeds more during the day so eventually starts sleeping through.

Does anyone have any advice / tips on how i can get her to feed more during the day rather than the night?

Thanks in advance for your time,


  • Not sure how you are feeding her in the night, do you keep the lights off, no eye contact and no talking?
    this is the best way, and to gradually cut down the bottle by an oz every other night, she will soon realise night time is for sleeping!
    My advice would be, bath, bottle and bed, when she does wake-no interaction at all-in the dark and reduce the amounts very gradually! i found my lo settled into this well until he slept through the night, i started this at 7 weeks and he was sleeping thru at 10 weeks and has done ever since, he is now 1!
    Really hope that helps


  • hi, thanks for your reply.
    During night time feeds i keep the lights off and like you say no interaction/talking etc.

    When you reduced the amount of feed did you littl one cry for more?
  • trying to think back.... i don't think he did, often he would fall asleep during the bottle because i used to change his nappy first so he could settle staright after his bottle! so he prob wasn't aware that it was less, just happy he got some, it didn't take him long to sleep through after that, just 2-3weeks!
    Good luck
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