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Hi ladies,

just need a bit of advice, im weaning my lo but up till now she has been on jars and i want to start making my own but not too sure about recipes, what you can freeze and what you cant, how much to do and what foods to do. lol sorry if i seem really silly but never done it before.
Any advice would be brill.

Louise & Lexi xxx


  • have you got a book? the annabel karmel books are good. i have the complete baby and toddler meal planner.
    you can freeze any veg/meat purees. not most fruits though (i think) i dont make any desert purees, just main meals.
    early purees i made were spinach leek and peas, sweet potato with pretty much any other vergetables, cauliflower cheese.
    now i do chicken with sweet potato and apple, chicken in tomato sauce, fish in cheese sauce.
    most of these are from the annabel karmel book but i also mash up some of our meals like corned beef hash, shepherds pie, fish pie etc.
    some people do loads of different veggies, freeze them seperatly in ice cube trays and mix together different varieties say like 2 cubes at first then as they eat more you could use 3 then 4.
    i bought some plastic tubs and just made a batch up, divided it between the tubs and froze it. all babies eat different amounts so its hard to say what a portion should be. just dish out as much as she would normally eat.
    hope some of this has been useful xx
  • I agree with listef. I've got 2 Annabel Karmel books and they are excellent as a starting point for weaning recipes. There are a lot of recipes in the book and you don't need to try every single one!!
    I'm so glad I bought them as they really helped me with starting on proper food. Now my lo is 13 months I can give her more of what we have but I still use my AK books sometimes for inspiration!
    Look on Amazon for Annabel Karmel - don't order the books off her website as they are more expensive on there!
  • Thanks for your advice ladies, think im gonna order me one of those books.

    Louise & Lexi xx
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