Not interested in his milk ...

Another question from me.

I have started weaning Liam (he's 22 weeks) with the advice of the HV for numerous reasons. Please dont shoot me down for this - he has been so much happier since having food and is doing really well.

He is having 5 bottles a day - 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm and one during the night.

He is having 3 meals a day - porridge at around 9.30am when he wakes up, lunch I usually do for 1.30 this is a vegetable puree with a pudding for after, and tea is usually at 5.30pm and is a vegetable puree again and a pudding.

Ive been really worried as Liam has always had 6oz bottles, would never go up an oz but was always hungry. He is now only having 4oz at a push per bottle. I took him to the HV last Thursday and she said it was common for babies not to be interested in milk, and that you could only do so much forcing, which I totally agree with. I was told to start giving mashed up banana to Liam, and Danone full fat yoghurts??? Not the cow and gate baby ones or the childrens ones you can buy as they are full in sugar. Would you give a 22 week old a probiotic full fat youghurt?? Also was told to use his formula where I could, like in his porridge or I could make jelly for him and put half water half milk in.

Anyone else had this problem with LO - not interested in milk? I'm a little concerned as I thought for 5 months he should be taking more than 4oz at a time??? My friends son is having 3 meals and puddings after the 2 a day plus snacks and his normal bottles and he is having 8oz at a time!!!!

I hate this feeding business, you never know what your doing is the best!

Emma xx


  • Rhys was never a fan of milk and refused all bottles by about 12 months. I used to add milk to his purees, porridge, gave pleanty of yoghurts and when he was old enough gave him plenty of cheese, things with cheese sauces etc to make sure he was getting dairy in other ways.

  • Sounds like he's just full up from solids to now have gone off his milk.
    For him to have been a good milk drinker so far anyway.

    When they're on 3 meals a day they only need 20ozs (I think??) of fomula per day so he's taking plenty. You can top up with dairy products - but I think it has to be 6 months before you can do this as they can't have cows milk before then so yes, I'd use his formula to make his breakfast etc with.
    After 6 months you can introduce yoghurts, we use normal Greek yoghurt (full fat) and mash some fresh fruit in. You can then switch to whole milk in porridge too.
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