Yay finally!!

Pointless post but Alfie finally finished off all his veg for lunch today-wahoooooo!! Only been weaning for the last month and we've had a really tough week but today potato, butternut squash (worth the faff obviously!!) and cauliflower did the job! So pleased and to be honest a bit relieved as I was starting to wonder what I was doing wrong or if there was something up with him!
Anyway just wanted to share my pointless good news. xxxx

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  • Well done Alfie. I've been quite lucky with Aoife so far as the only thing she refused to eat was apricot but it was really tart! LOL
  • Just sent a picture of the empty bowl to oh-think he nearly fell off his chair!! Thanks lovely ladies x
  • It can be stressful on the beginning, cant it? Well done Alfie image I'm happy for you x
  • Well hold on to your hats guys- he's just polished off a full 8oz bottle-where is my baby and who was the child sat on my knee?!! Thanks ladies xx
    StepheArmstrong we gave Alf apricot mixed with pear in baby rice and he wasn't that fussed. I never realised how sharp it is! I read in a book to use dried ones but I was worried about the sugar and this chemical they add to keep them that bright orange colour sulphur something so we used fresh. Wasn't really worth the waff on to be honest but they're full of iron aren't they? x
  • well done. we still have probs gettin fin to eat his veg and he was weaned early.lol. like mummy i think.lol.xxx
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