Dairy Free sandwich fillings?

While the boys blood tests came back clear of allergies (YEAH!) the paed has recommended we dont give them dairy until they are a year just to be on the safe side. I have sort of stuck with this...havent given them milk/cheese etc...but they have had some cheesy bread (without the cheesy crust) and some of the baby biscuits that have 3% milk powder in.

I want to start them on sandwiches for lunch as I think it will make our lives so much easier and give them a bit of variety in their diet. BUT im stuck for fillings?? I have tried jam, which they loved (obviously!) but I dont want to give them jam every day! They dont like egg (have tried twice now and they look at me like im mad, or trying to poison them!). Their teeth have come through just this week but they have always been good with food, gumming and such like.

So, other than jam and egg what other dairy free alternatives do I have that dont require too much chewing just yet? Ideas please xxx


  • Tuna (he loves it and easy to eat)
    Mashed avocado and banana (his fav)
    Peanut Butter (good fats)

    Not all together haha


  • hi, glad their test results were clear.

    soya cream cheese (there's a company caled 'pure' that makes cream cheese and marg/butter thats dairy free, also vitalite marg is dairy free, tbh, i owuld avoid the brand 'lactofree' as its not dairy free, its cows milk with the lactose removed, so still contains the protein), u can use it alone, or miwed with mashed up chicken/tuna etc...ds's fave is 'cream cheese' and marmite. also avocado with chickne/tuna...ds likes ham but not sure if ur boys will be able to eat it, it doesn't really require chewing but can't jsut be sucked eitehr...maybe eggy bread? thats the only way ds will eat egg, or egg mashed up with 'cream cheese'...u've mentioned jam, but also lemon curd goes down well as an occasional treat...some pat???? is dairyu free too, but not sure what age they can have pat????, ds had it for the first time today and he's 16.5months. salmon and 'cream cheese', also yummy on rice cakes! oh and banana sandwiches too seem to go down well. we don't give peanut butter as paed said with his history to avoid nuts until he's 5 just incase he's allergic to them too, but as ur lo's came back clear then maybe thats anotehr option, the smooth one obviosuly.
    re the biscuits, the ella's kitchen ones and the 'organix' ones are mostly dairy free, and ds still has those. hth xx

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  • tuna
    wafer thin ham/turkey
    marmite (salty but you only put on a smidge)

    ummmmmmm yeah agree with the other suggestions too!
  • Avo, houmous, tuna, sardines, lemon curd...
  • Hiya

    Agree with the others that hummus is a fab one, I found a great recipe for a salt free one that is SUPER easy (takes 5 minutes max):

    Blitz the following in a food processor:

    Small can chick peas
    1/2 jar tahini (sesame seed paste - found easily in supermarkets)
    2 x clove of garlic
    Big glug lemon juice
    Couple of tablespoons of water
    Teaspoon ground cumin or paprika


    My dd can't get enough and tries to lick it off my fingers image. We serve with bread, toast, tortilla wraps and jacket potatoes. Yummy. Is also freezable too - I freeze in individual portions.

  • My lo loves pate. I know it's not meant to be given til a year but he's fine with it. x
  • Thanks everyone for your help. Going to go and get a few things today so I can try them over a couple of days and see what they like. I dont mind jam every so often, and I loved lemon curd as a child, but I already have one child with the beginnings of a sweet tooth! lol!

    Im going to try hummus today. If they like it, im definitely going to have a go at making some fizzylizzy!

    I HATE Marmite! Hubby refuses to have it in the house! I may try?? If all else fails! lol

    The boys LOVE tuna and salmon. I dont know why I hadnt thought of these! Can I mix them with mayo as I normally mix tuna and salmon with their food rather than give it on its own??

    WOWbaby - I also give them Organix and Ellas Kitchen biscuits. They LOVE them. We also give them a Goodies biscuit which has a little powder in it but not much.

    Thank you all for your ideas...looking forward to trying them all!
  • Yes you can mixwith mayo x
  • yes mayo is fine too xx
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