faith has had first poo on a potty TE HE

Well i am trying my best to yet a wee sample from her its so hard i keep butting her on the potty so she ended up pooing on the potty and still no wee

[Modified by: cazmac10 on 19 January 2009 22:00:19 ]


  • hey thats good goin go faith!!!
  • still no wee sample she wee in her nappy i am tring her her potty it not working she just wont to get off
  • Poor thing its easier with boys. when they needed a sample from justin the put a little gad around his wee man and the put his nappy back on so as soon as he went in went straight into the bag x
  • i only have to take daisy nappy off and she wees you will just have to let her have nappy off all afternoon cant believe she pooed shes a genious!
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