maxi cosi priori xp - opinions req'd pls?

hi guys

anyone got this and if so do you like it? money well spent etc??

all opinions greatfully receivedimage


jane x


  • We've got the Priorifix (so the Isofix version of the XP) and I really like it.

    It reclines really easily and quite far back too so the girls' heads never loll around when they are asleep.
    I do find the straps quite stiff to adjust but they're not impossible to do.

    In terms of seating position, I prefer it to the Recaro's that hubby has got in his car

  • thanks again my dear! ;-0

  • We love the maxi cosi priori - we had it for ds1 and ds2. Absolutely no complaints, it was a 'Which?' Best buy when we bought it, and has a fab safety record xx
  • cool thanks tottie - i didnt know that!!
    j x
  • I have it and like it. Definitely try before you buy if you can, though - I was set on a different one but she just didn't look comfy in it, whereas in the Priori she did so that's the one we went away with. I think it can depend on your car.
  • We have one XP and one Priorifix and I love them. As the others have said lo looks confy. Easy to adjust and recline etc.
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