hi girls
is any of your lo on gaviscon??
if so how do you dilute it??????
please dont r&r
Danielle & Bradley (7months)


  • Are you breastfeeding? If so then I think you can mix it with a bit of EBM and give it before or after the feed/meal. If you're formula feeding, you can just add it to the bottle and shake well but you may need a large size teat as it thickens the milk
    hth x
  • how much do i put in his bottle?
  • I don't have any left so can't check but from memory I think it was one sachet per 4oz of milk. It def says on the pack so have a read and let me know if you have any more q's x
  • ok thankyou so much
    he was on ranitidine an it was makin him sick so im guna try him on gaviscon as ive heard its really good for them
  • It'll tell you exactly how much and how to dilute it on the sachets of the INFANT GAVISCON!
  • It didn't work for us but hope it works for you x
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