hi all

Well ryan has a bad cold, which means his nose ir blocked and runny, he's not wanting to feed because he can't breath through his nose. could some one please tell me a way i can clear his nose long enough so he can feed.

i have orded one of those things that suck the snot out but that has not arrived yet.

please help i'm really worried as he only had 3 bottles yesturday and would not take any purree food.



  • Soory to hear hes come down with a cold. i put karvol on a hanky by her head.
    I read somewhere yesterday adn if you tickle their nose with a tissue it makes them sneeze the snot out! I've never tried it but apparently it works for young babies when you cant give them much!

    I you unlatching him when hes feeding or waiting for him to unlatch. I found if I unlatched her and allowed her a few breathers she drank more than if she unlatched herself..does that make sense? xxx
  • a warm wet cloth to wipe nose usually gets rid of enough goo for evie to feed (she has started with another runny nose)
  • thanks for your advice's, will try him with different things to see which suits him best.
  • davids been snuffly since birth, saline drops didnt clear it, so 3 times a day ive got some stronger drops from doc, i sometimes roll cotton wool up and tickle his nose, bring him in a steamy bathroom and use karvol image hope hes better soom
  • have you tried putting olbas oil in boiled water this is the method i always use and it work every time x
  • hey,

    nasosol is great. Louise had some prescribed by the doc which contained a decongestant to help her cough too.
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